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Logistics Company, Abunawas Express Launched

Logistics Company, Abunawas Express Launched

JAKARTA-The growth of online commerce in Indonesia presents the market with a variety of opportunities, one of them being an increasing demand for delivery services.

Abunawas Express, a new logistics company, entered the growing market on Thuesday (28/12/2017).

Data from the Indonesian Logistics Association shows that more than 300 logistics companies are registered in Jakarta. “Only about 4 percent of this market has been developed, which presents a promising prospect for us,” said Harun Abidin, the commissioner of Abunawas Express, during the official launch of the company.

In order to stay competitive, Abunawas Express has prepared distinct strategies, including one-day delivery services. “Investing in this market provides us with a relatively fast break-even point of around one year, and opens up a lot of jobs,” added Harun.

M. Noor Sutrisno, president director of Abunawas Express, added that deliveries will have a fixed price of Rp 10,000 ($0.70) with a maximum weight of 1 kilogram to anywhere within Jakarta. “Items ordered will be delivered on the same day and covered by insurance,” Sutrisno said.

Currently, Abunawas Express only provides deliveries within Jakarta at five wholesale centers in the city, such as ITC Cempaka Mas, Central Jakarta; Roxy Mas, West Jakarta; ITC Kuningan, South Jakarta; PGC Cililitan, East Jakarta and ITC Manggadua, North Jakarta.

Abunawas Express plans to expand the market to wholesale centers in Depok (West Java), Bogor (West Java), Tangerang (Banten) and Bekasi (West Java) in the upcoming year, and ultimately to other large cities in Indonesia in subsequent years. ***

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