Indonesia Seeks Interpol’s to Find Indian Group Businessman

JAKARTA–An Indonesian businessmen has reported his Indian business partner to Indonesian police for allegedly fraud and emblezzement of share trading. As quoted, (June 4th,2018)

Heru Mulyawan, owner of mining company PT Gaung Alam Sejahtera and PT Karunia Insan Illahi Sejahtera told Journalists Sunday he reported Deepak Tehlan of Videocon Mauritius Infrastructure Venture for breaking promises in share trading. Videocon Mauritius Infrastructure Venture is a subsidiary of Videocon Group owned by Indian tycoon Venugopal Dhoot. Deepak is relative to Venugopal. 

The report that subtmitted to the Jakarta police is registered as No. TBL/155/III/2013/PMJ/ \Dit Reskrimum.

According to the report, Heru has lost US$ 17 million since Deepak who acted as buyer has allegedly conducted fraud and embezzlement in the share trading of his mining companies. 

Police investigators have questions some people as witnesses regarding to the case. However, Deepak whose office is in Jakarta failed to meet police summon. He has been gone from Indonesia. Due to his absence, Indonesian police has asked International police to find Deepak who was reported to be in India. 

“Thank to police who have responded and proceeded my report well,” Heru said. (*)

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