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Abunawas Group Launches Multi Service Business Abunawas Apps and Abunawas Express

JAKARTA-A digital-based company, Abunawas Group, launched a multi-service business through Abunwas Apps and Abunawas Express, which serves the delivery of goods until online payments. Abunawas Apps and Abunawas Express were launched on Thursday (5/31/2018) in Jakarta.

According to Founder and CEO of Abunawas, Mohamad Noor Sutrisno, in Jakarta, Saturday (2/6/2018), Abunawas Apps provides more complete service features than other digital business services. If in other applications, users need several applications for different needs, but Abunawas Apps can meet all the needs of its users.

Some features of services presented by Abunawas Apps, added Sutrisno, include Abu Track, Abu Send, Abu Ride, Abu Bills, Abu Food, Abu Shop, Abu Go, and Abu Pay. Abu Track, Abu Bills and Abu Go services are three services that other multi-service applications do not have. Only in Abunawas Apps, users can find out the delivery of goods sent via Abu Track.

For Abu Bills, said Sutrisno, this service will facilitate the user to process payment of government-owned services such as in PLN, PAM, BPJS, Telkom, and others.

Especially for Abu Go, he said, Abunawas Group is working with, to serve travelers who want to travel and meet their travel needs from hotel to transport.
Other features such as Abu Send, Abu Ride, Abu Car, Abu Food, Abu Shop, and Abu Pay, said Sutrisno, although many other similar multi service applications, Abunawas Apps can provide its own advantages. For example ranging from a competitive price with a range of drivers that can be easily obtained until the guarantee of delivery of goods and fast food.

For Abu Shop, said Sutrisno, Abunawas Group, has worked with more than 8,000 vendors / sellers ranging from stationery to electronics. Abu Shop, will serve users more easily shop either in online/offline store.

“We also involve and help small businesses are constrained capital and marketing,” said Sutrisno.

For Abunawas Express, said Sutrisno, will facilitate the public in sending goods with Onne Day Service and Next Day Service. One Day Service is a one-day delivery of goods to destination within reach of Abunawas, while Next Day Service is a freight service out of town.

“Abunawas Express Expedition has reached 98 cities in Indonesia,” he said. (*)

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