A Businessman from Medan is Reported to the Jakarta Police

JAKARTA-A businessman from Medan, North Sumatera, Boelio Muliadi was reported to the Jakarta provincial police on Tuesday (4/23/2019) for allegedly  embezzling money from share selling of a company owned by his business partner identified as HR.

According to HR lawyer,  Rajendar Singh and Jimmy Manurung, Wednesday (04/24/2019) in Jakarta, their client owns a mining company, PT Anugerah Alam Manuhing (AAM) that located in Kalimantan.

His client and Boelio Muliadi are business partners, Rajendar said. In 2013, Ranjender added, his client sold 25 percent of the shares of his company, PT AAM, to Boelio who has not paid to his client.
“He only promises to pay to my client,” he said.

Instead of paying to his client, he added, Boelio he secretly sold the shares to the third party, a foreign company named PT Blackspace, in 2016. “And the money he got from the sale of shares worth hundreds of thousands US dollars were not paid to my client, ” he said.

Therefore, his client reported to the police as his client has suffered loss and become a victim of embezzlement, he said.
“I ask the police to immediately investigate Boelio Muliadi, because his actions have damaged business and investment condition in Indonesia that is being improved by the government,” he said.

When contacted by phone, Boelio said, he did no know about the case, and asked journalist to contact his staff named Dexter for further information.

Dexter, however, said he would collect data related to the case. (*)

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